Water Harvesting Class

Water retention space Tamera Portugal

Water retention space Tamera Portugal

Fresh clean water is rare to find these days. With changes in the global climate cycle and increasing droughts and floods to be able to build in resilience into your property or design plan is essential. In the regenerative design plan water is one of the first things we design into the system. Ideally all the rain that falls on a property should stay on the property either stored in the soil, ponds, tanks or in plants. If we take that as our design goal we can approach this from several directions.

This course will look at these design elements and strategies.

1) Water cycle – Hydrological cycle, local conditions in the Rogue Valley

2) Rainwater harvesting – roofs, roads, sheet flow

3) Storage – Ponds, rain gardens, tanks, soil

4) Irrigation – How to best set up irrigation systems

5) Stream flows, wells and other water sources

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