About Us

Sacred Earth Design/build is a design, consulting and installation business that focuses on helping clients to design their properties in harmony with ecological principles. We have worked with many clients throughout Southern Oregon to design beautiful and functional landscapes that integrate the built landscape with the local environment. We focus attention on soil building, water retention, and local food production as well as designing for beauty and harmony.

Permaculture is a design system for creating sustainable human settlements using age old and modern techniques to achieve harmony with nature. We have many proven tools at our fingertips to generate energy, capture and store water, produce food, recycle “waste”, and improve our lives while lessening our impact on the natural surroundings.


Andrew Fischer is the owner and designer that started Sacred Earth Design in 2002. Andrew is a trained ecologist and designer who has worked on large scale forestry projects, farms as well as homeowners landscape designs. He knows the ecosystems and the plants of the Northwest as well as horticultural design and construction. Andrew also works with a team that includes farmers, ecologists, designers and landscape architects that can provide expertise for every size project.

Andrew has traveled and taught permaculture design courses in the US and  in many parts of the world. He worked for three years as the lead designer and land steward for 100 acre property in Boulder Colorado that included greenhouses, organic vegetable production, fish ponds, bee hives, and solar photovoltaic power. Currently he is interested in promoting ecological design and installations in Southern Oregon from home to farm scale. Sacred Earth Design is committed to creating more demonstration sites in public and commercial spaces where people can see how ecological design systems can provide beauty, functionality and long term ecosystem resiliency.

Professional Experience

Bachelor of Science Electrical Engineering, Temple University 1985
Masters of Science Environmental Studies/Landscape Arch. University of Oregon 1993
15 years Forestry Contractor USFS and BLM 1993-2008
Pacific School of Herbal Medicine 1998-2000
Permaculture Design Diploma 2002
Permaculture Teacher Certificate 2003
Advanced Permaculture design  certificate with David Holmgren 2004
Advanced Permaculture Design Certificate Agroforestry Systems with Marsha Hanzi 2005
Land Steward 2009-2012 150 acre site Boulder, CO
Oregon Landscape Contractors License all phase 15603
Permaculture Teaching
Permaculture Design Course w/Tom Ward 2006, 2007, 2008 Ashland, OR
PDC – Tropical 2011 Paititi Institute Iquitos, Peru
PDC’s in Bay Area, Boulder CO, Lost Valley Ed Center, Naropa University, Global Resource Alliance, Nymbani Village, Kenya  2009-present



Call for more information: 541-488-0248

Teaching and designing on a project in Tanznia

Teaching and designing on a project in Tanznia