Permaculture links and resources

Links and Contacts


North America

• OUR Ecovillage: Shawnigan Lake Vancouver Island, BC Canada.  Education: Permaculture with focus on Eco Building, children, gardening.  Excellent example of whole systems management
• Permaculture BC – Education and Design focusing on theory and bioregional experience.

• Permaculture Activist
• Permanet:   Excellent worldwide pc web connection
• Friends of the Trees, PO Box 4469,  Bellingham, WA 98227. Tel: (360) 676-7704.

• Eugene Permaculture Guild:

• Santa Barbara Permaculture Guild
• Southern California Permaculture Guild

• Los Angeles Permaculture Guild:

• San Diego Permaculture Guild (includes area across Mexican border)
• Central Coast Permaculture Guild serves San Luis Obispo County
• Colorado Rocky Mtn. PC Institute:
• Bullocks Permaculture Homestead (Orcas Island, Washington)

• Regenerative Design Institute:
• Earthaven Ecovillage (Northern California)



• Permaculture Online (excellent  alt.permaculture web site resource)

• David Holmgren  Holmgren Design Services (Australia) 16 Fourteenth St,  Hepburn. 3461.Australia.Ph/fax   0353483636   Email
• Tagari Publications (part of the Permaculture Institute)
• Permaculture International (a must see Australian networking site)

• Permaculture International Journal
• Permaculture Assoc. (Britain)
• Marsha Hanzi    Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia (South America)


• American Poultry Association

• American Dairy Goat Association
• National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service (ATTRA)


Building/Appropriate Technology
•Northwest EcoBuilding Guild (Seattle)  PO Box 58530 Seattle, WA 98138
206-575-2222 E-mail:
• Solar Energy Association of Oregon  205 SE Grand  #202, Portland, OR 97214 Tel & fax: 503-231-5662  E-mail:
• Homepower. Great catalog and articles.
• Energy Source Builder.  Nuts and Bolts Newsletter on building energy efficient homes
•The Last Straw
• Greenbuilders, Inc. Masonry Stove, Russian Stove and other woodburning web resources

• Institute for Planetary Renewal
• Solar Composting Advanced Toilets
• Greenspec Directory
• Energy efficient appliances



•Agroforestry the Science of trees and land integration.


Food Security

• Local Harvest: Nationwide directory of small farms, farmer’s markets and other local food resources

•Willamette Farm and Food Coalition:  Local resources to support farmers, restaurateurs, processors



• Organic Gardening Magazine

• The compost Resource Page: Everything from worms to poems

• Webgarden

• Weekend Gardener: Weekly electronic gardening guide

• Garden Guides:

• Gardening hand tool source list:

•  Great nursery list compiled  by the PC Activist:      

•  North American Fruit Explorers  resource for handbook and magazines on fruits


Agriculture: Sustainable

• Community Supported Agriculture:

• Tilth:  Oregon Organic Certification Program

• Wild Ones Handbook- A voice for Natural Landscaping: Offers instructions: bird, bat houses, small pond building



• World-Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms in the USA (WWOOF_USA) 654 Fillmore Street San Francisco, California 94117  415-621-FARM (3276)

• GrowFood

• Community Alliance With Family Farms:

• The Organic Agriculture Information Clearinghouse of organic information: Excellent      

• Rodale Institute



• Biocontrol Network: Offers info and marketing alt. to conventional chemical pesticides and fertilizers

• Farmscaping to Enhance Biological Controls:

• Northwest Coalition Against Pesticides (NCAP)



• Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust:



•Fungi Perfecti Catalog:  PO Box 7634 Olympia,WA 98507  206-426-9292



• The PLANTS Database maintains and generates data reports in specialized areas: Alternative Crops, Characteristics, Checklists & Searches, Classification, Culturally Significant, Distribution Update, Excluded and Anomalous Names, Fact Sheets, Invasive & Noxious, Plant Materials Publications, Threatened & Endangered, Wetland Indicator Status

• Urban Agriculture Notes:  Maintained by a group in Vancouver, BC-how to grow food in densely populated areas

• Plants for a Future  Excellent site for exploring plants.  descriptive of 7,000  plants

Main Site: The Field, Penpol, Lostwithiel, Cornwall, PL22 0NG, England (web related queries only)

• Oregon State University: excellent site for viewing plants that are hardy in the PNW

• Oregon Plant Atlas



• Seedsaving and Seedsavers’ Resources

• Seeds of Change : Wonderful selection of heirloom, traditional, medicinal, and original seed varieties

• Organic Seed Alliance: Supports the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed.



• Sustainable Soil Management:

• The role of microbial communities in recoupling Carbon and Nitrogen cycles in the transition to organic soil management



• Ken Yeoman / Keyline Designs in Australia

• U.S. Geological Survey Launches Website For Nation’s Water Data:

• Water Harvesting in Drylands:

• Harvested Rainwater Guidelines


Waste Water

• Oasis Design applies ecological principles to the design of greywater systems

Eco-Cities to Living Machines: Principles of Ecological Design Nancy Jack Todd  John Todd: Ecologically based working designs and prototypes. Restoration of pure water, bioremediation of wild aquatic environments, food productivity, and urban design



• Good Money and Green Money: Links to lists that help in screening companies


Sustainable Investing

• Social Investing Forum                 Has a directory of financial advisers and planners

• Green America: Dedicated to addressing social and environmental problems.