Backyard Organics Food Forest

We recently installed a food forest in the entry to Backyard Organics/Occupy Organics parking area.

20150515_151713 (1) 20150516_121112

This included plums, apples, cherries, mulberry, figs, olives, almonds, chestnuts, currants, gooseberries and many perennials and flowers to attract beneficial insects and butterflies. Its grown so much already in a month. I’ll post updated photos to show the progress.

This will be a demonstration site to show what is possible in a small space.

Update as of October 10th: The food forest has been a huge success on so many levels. We have been seeing many migratory birds stopping by to eat the seeds. The plants have doubled and tripled in size and its been a great example of permaculture design for the customers. We’ve had some small fruits to harvest like goumis, strawberries and service berries.

Some updated images:

Birds of Paradise - N fixer

Birds of Paradise – N fixer

Occupy OG food forest late summer

One of the American chestnut trees is 6′ tall now the other is still small. The multi-functional hedgerow along the road is getting large as well.

Fruit tree guilds

Fruit tree guilds

Looking forward to next spring and harvesting the bounty!